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The Cannery of Portugal Behind the Fish

Because of its 75th anniversary, Comur has delved back into 500 years of history to create an epic collection exalting the feats of the Portuguese at seas worldwide.

The sea that the Portuguese have once conquered, gives us some of the most amazing flavours of the world nowadays, providing us with unique gastronomic experiences, which are possible because of the centuries of knowledge that have been accumulated in a can.

Secular knowledge and flavours, embraced in a historic tide taking the form of a reencounter of the Sea with its heroes.  An epopee now recounted by Comur, a Portuguese preserved food factory. 

Our fish selection:  Sardines in Olive Oil, Cutlass fish in Olive Oil, Sea Bream in Olive Oil, Seabass in Olive Oil, Horse Mackerel in Olive Oil, White Mullet in Olive Oil, Sprat in Olive Oil, Smoked Cod Roe with vegetables, Smoked flounder in olive oil, Smoked trouts in olive oil, Smoked salmon in olive oil, Tuna in Olive Oil, Mackerel Fillets in Olive Oil, Smoked mussels in Olive Oil, Baked Codfish in Olive Oil, Calamari Stew and Octopus in Olive Oil.

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