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The new Can of 2018 has arrived!

We are in 2018 and so are our sardines! Always currents, always delicious, always surprising. We may not know what 2018 holds for us out of the can. But inside it, there are surely fresh moments of pure flavour just waiting for us to happen.

Japanese TV channel visits “Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa” store

Our sardines have honored the East! Directly from Tokyo to Lisbon, the Japanese TV channel NHK World came to know our “Mundo Fantásico das Sardinhas Portuguesas” store. Similar to BBC World News, NHK World also offers a real-time streaming programming featuring an online version of the television channel.

Thank you for visiting us, NHK World!

New Comur Collection on the Discoveries

A collection that tastes like sea water and Portuguese Discoveries! In order to celebrate its 75th anniversary, Comur has moved back through time to the 15th century, starting a sea voyage that gave rise to an epic collection, inspired by the era of Portuguese achievements in the four corners of the world.