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Can of Sardines - 2023

This tin holds more than just the excellence of the best sardines in olive oil in the world – it contains decades of the art of canning. 

The art of canning and 80 years’ worth of experience, spanning generations in a factory that seeks to improve its canned goods every single day, reveal the past as a constant source of inspiration.  Remember that as you close your eyes and enjoy this delicacy.  People with Portuguese soul whose hands are driven by the dictates of the heart, honouring and refining Portuguese sardines every day, just for you.

Be curious and find out what happened that year.  Take a trip back in time and through History.

And naturally, be delighted by the perfect fusion of flavours from the sea and the countryside, both quintessentially Portuguese.  The sublime connection between the sardine, queen of the sea, and that most precious Portuguese green gold, olive oil. 

€7.00 (tax included)

Portuguese Sardine in olive oil

140 g

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