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The Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardines

Queen Sardine

The queen of all fish and the prodigy of the Atlantic Ocean – the Portuguese sardine – a fish both noble and popular, has ascended the throne each June for many years, showing off its crown up and down the country. But at O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa (the Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardine), the sovereign rules all year round. And what better tribute could be paid than through the fantasy of the wonderful world of the circus, also noble and popular, in parallel with the extraordinary popular nobility of sardines? For Comur, sardines are "The Greatest Show on Earth!"

Royal Flavour

The jewel in this crown finds pride of place at O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa. The flavour of Portugal neatly packed and exhibited in 140g-tin cans, revisiting the last century of Portuguese and world history and paying tribute to the Portuguese canning industry.

Your Year

The cans sold by O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa bring back and dignify the happy, colourful past of the canning industry. Full of fanciful colour, the sardine tin cans feature the years from 1916 to the present day, marking an important event and the most noteworthy people born each year.

The passion for the sea has always been a symbol and a key trait of the Portuguese people. This passion also gave rise to the company Comur as part of an epic tale where ancient knowledge and flavours witness the reuniting of the sea with its heroes.

At Comur, the past has always been a source of inspiration: it allows us to honour the history and conquests of Portuguese navigators, creating epic combinations that exult in their seafaring achievements worldwide. The sea that the Portuguese once made their own now gives us some of the most wonderful flavours in the world. It provides unique gastronomic experiences made possible by centuries of knowledge brought together here, around a tin can.

Original tin cans with special flavours: Comur, the cannery of Portugal

Founded in 1942 at Murtosa, Aveiro, Comur is one of the biggest flagships of the Portuguese canning industry today. Initially, the company was dedicated to the world export of eels, a product typical of the area around Aveiro Lagoon, but which the local markets could only sell fresh. Today, Comur produces about thirty varieties of tinned goods, painstakingly prepared by the experienced, wise hands of over a hundred women. They transform the flavours of the sea into delicacies using handmade production methods based on decades of knowledge, sealing with soul each tin can leaving the Comur factory.

From the sea to the tin – from the tin to the world

Comur operates 21 stores throughout the country, which include the stores of O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa and Fábrica das Enguias (the Eel Factory). They represent the crowning point of a story, imaginatively retold in every concept and every tin, giving us the privilege of telling our story to thousands of people, every day.

Comur uses beautiful lithographed tins with original illustrations in homage to the past, consistent with the uniqueness of their contents (unusual in the canning industry) to offer the purest way to feel and taste the Portuguese sea, anywhere in the world.

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