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Original tin cans with special flavours: Comur, the cannery of Portugal

Founded in 1942 at Murtosa, Aveiro, Comur is one of the biggest flagships of the Portuguese canning industry today. Initially, the company was dedicated to the world export of eels, a product typical of the area around Aveiro Lagoon, but which the local markets could only sell fresh. Today, Comur produces about thirty varieties of tinned goods, painstakingly prepared by the experienced, wise hands of over a hundred women. They transform the flavours of the sea into delicacies using handmade production methods based on decades of knowledge, sealing with soul each tin can leaving the Comur factory.

From the sea to the tin – from the tin to the world 

Comur operates 23 stores throughout the country, which include the stores of O Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa and Fábrica das Enguias (the Eel Factory). They represent the crowning point of a story, imaginatively retold in every concept and every tin, giving us the privilege of telling our story to thousands of people, every day. Comur uses beautiful lithographed tins with original illustrations in homage to the past, consistent with the uniqueness of their contents (unusual in the canning industry) to offer the purest way to feel and taste the Portuguese sea, anywhere in the world.

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