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About Comur

Inaugurated in 1942 in Murtosa, the COMUR factory is one of the biggest flags of the national cannery sector. Initially dedicated to the export of eels, the production then evolved into the most varied types of canned fish, always with the highest standards of quality and excellence. On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, COMUR has immersed 500 years in history to create an epic combination of exultation of the Portuguese feats by the seas of this world outside. The sea that the Portuguese once made their own, gives us today some of the most wonderful flavors in the world, providing unique gastronomic experiences, possible by the centuries of knowledge that gather here around a can. Secular wisdoms and tastes embraced in a historical tide of reunion of the sea with its heroes. An epic now recounted by COMUR, the cannery of Portugal.

From the Sea to your table


The importance of the message we wish to transmit through our canning industry project led us to create a network of stores that bring us closer to the public, allowing us the privilege of being able to tell our story to thousands and thousands of people every day.
Each COMUR store is a showcase for ancient skills and flavours, embraced in an historic tide where the sea is reunited with its heroes. A saga now retold in each concept. 

The tribute to the hard work associated with the fishing industry in the stores of Conserveira de Portugal. The magical universe of the Fantastic World of Portuguese Sardines, inspired by the universal art of the circus. Literature and the knowledge obtained through the books we pay homage to at our Biblioteca Conserveira stores – which also feature decorations in iron, celebrating our tradition in the art of ironwork.

That is why, even today, each of our cans is the result of a production process involving the skilled and meticulous work of a team of experienced women who know how to transform the flavours of the sea into delicious canned products.

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