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About Comur

Inaugurated in 1942 in Murtosa, the COMUR factory is one of the biggest flags of the national cannery sector. Initially dedicated to the export of eels, the production then evolved into the most varied types of canned fish, always with the highest standards of quality and excellence. On the occasion of its 75th anniversary, COMUR has immersed 500 years in history to create an epic combination of exultation of the Portuguese feats by the seas of this world outside. The sea that the Portuguese once made their own, gives us today some of the most wonderful flavors in the world, providing unique gastronomic experiences, possible by the centuries of knowledge that gather here around a can. Secular wisdoms and tastes embraced in a historical tide of reunion of the sea with its heroes. An epic now recounted by COMUR, the cannery of Portugal.

From the Sea to your table

COMUR – Fábrica de Conservas da Murtosa recently made one of its oldest dreams come true, by opening in Lisbon a space to pay tribute to the Portuguese Sardine and to all that popular fish has already done for the country.

The formula found for that purpose was “Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa”, a space that attempts to respect one of the most extraordinary features of the Atlantic prodigy: to be noble and popular at the same time.
The store proposes to revisit the last century of history in Portugal and in the World, therefore promoting also a reflection on the last centenary of canned fish in Portugal. Hence, in the cans there are dates since 1916 until 2017 (since 1st January), with a relevant event from the year in question and signalling the birth of the most prominent personalities on such date.

Each decade has a basic colour and each can assumes its own tonality. This way, the store gains an appealing chromatic dimension, which is combined with its own sound track (especially created for the store by artist Carlos Alberto Moniz), a lot of light and make-up de rigueur for the entire team. The final outcome is a true “circus” of cans because Sardines, for Comur, are the greatest show in the World.

Inside each can there is one sole product, one sole recipe: Portuguese Sardine in olive oil. It is 140 grams purely tasting like Portugal, proving therefore that a differentiated marketing can be associated with a unique flavour without affecting any of them.
The space has been a true success, obviously attracting many foreigners but also many Portuguese who, they confess, using as pretext the store and the attractiveness of the can, taste canned sardine for the first time.

75 years after its foundation, Comur fulfils its mission and the “Mundo Fantástico da Sardinha Portuguesa” absolutely is a not-to-miss space in the city of Lisbon, promising to leave nobody indifferent.

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